Monday, January 29, 2007

We'll make a publisher of him yet

To Abingdon's Unicorn Theatre on Saturday, for to see Mr Briggs's Feet of Clay, adapted from an original work by Mr Pratchett. (I still have ticket # 00001 for 1992's Mort, which I choose to believe may be valuable on eBay one day, even though there was no eBay in 1992.)

The programme turned out to contain coded messages - every few words you come across a letter in bold type, which added together make a clue as to how Lord Vetinari is (or rather, isn't) being poisoned.

And it was the Boy who spotted the bold letters, with a disparaging comment about the programme's print quality. [Ben's voice begins to wobble] I'm so proud ...


  1. and how come i never hear about these pratchett plays?
    it was one of my favourite books as well!
    lol, i guess you're no longer training me in how to live life - you've got a new kid to start working on.

  2. I only hear of them because I have the pleasure of working with an occasional cast member, who forewarns me. Tickets sell out within a space of days, if that, so spreading the word isn't always possible. Anyway, keep an eye on the Studio Theatre Club website around 1 September, when tickets for the next (probably "Money Money", according to the programme) will be on sale ...

  3. Do all of Dave's friends like Terry Pratchett? Aww, now I'm so proud! Let me know how it goes, I'm something of a theatre-lover myself. Well spotted on the hint in the programme.

  4. Well, Dave is a man of taste and refinement so it follows his friends are too ... Though I do recall being the one to introduce his dad to the concept, far too many years ago.


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