Thursday, January 11, 2007

My work is done for another generation

I was delighted at Christmas to see my almost-four-year-old nephew playing with a toy Thunderbird 1. I was less delighted to hear him describe it as "a rocket". Suddenly his birthday present list for January more or less wrote itself.

I'm now told that his new Thunderbirds vol 1 DVD is all he ever wants to watch. Excellent ... [rubs hands together]

A few years ago I had the pleasure of andersonising No. 2 Godson in a similar way, under the auspices of the fictitious charity CULTURE - Campaign for Unveiling to Little Tots Useful and Relevant Experiences. I may make this a full time thing.

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  1. haha... my nephew is into cars at the moment,he's only 20 months old but already he's more than a handfull. Then again his mom broke my nose when we were kids... (not as bad as it sounds... lol) ...i tend to look at it as karma is a .... hehehe


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