Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tie me ectoplasm down, boy

Now here's an idea for a story. As chat over lunch turned (somehow) to ouija boards we got this gem from an esteemed colleague: "Isn't that what Rolf Harris used?"

Can you guess who it is yet?


  1. ok i know what a ouija board is from Charmed (tv program), and i know Rolf Harris is a cartoonist (i think? right?) but i still don't get it... Pls help my 3rd world curioussssiiiittyy pls!! lol

    P.S. i thought ectoplasm is what you call the vapor coming off of the wings of a plane?

  2. Aha! Mr Harris was an exponent of the wobble board, a very different thing. Also, he used to present a TV show about art in which he would do an on-the-spot sketch of someone or something, with the remark "can you see who it is yet?" as the image emerged. Hence the closing remark about "Can you guess who it is yet."

    As for the nature of ectoplasm - well, I'm not giving all the answers ...

  3. Good grief - I just looked up ectoplasm in Wikipedia and it IS what they call the vapour that comes off aeroplanes' wings. Probably because of its similarity to what I had in mind.


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