Thursday, January 04, 2007

One step forward, two steps back

Stars must check science facts, says a story on the BBC site. A charity called Sense About Science exists, amongst other things, to get celebrities to find out a few facts before lending their media weight to stories that may not be 100% accurate, like linking the MMR jab to autism. And quite right too.

The next story down on the same page: Stars begin Big Brother journey, as the latest shovelload of has-beens heads for the euthanasia cubicle Big Brother house. I confidently predict that late-into-the-night conversations between Cleo Rocas and Dirk Benedict as to the scientific accuracy of Battlestar Galactica will not be taking place.


  1. But I bet they'll be discussing how best to get Cleo to shake her B.A. Baracus maracas... I love it when a mam comes together. Sorry. That was appalling. I feel chagrined to my very soul.

  2. Chris Morris would have been a bit stuffed if Sense About Science had been knocking about ten years ago.

  3. True, but the good probably still outweighs the bad. Anyway, this is Sense About Science, not Sense About Mass Hysteria so he may have got away with it.


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