Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Greeks have a word for it

So do the Brits, and that word is "omygodohmygodsugarrushsugarrushsugarrushbleearrruuurrrkk".

This little baby is apparently a Greek delicacy. The core consists of a quite pleasant spongy biscuity sort of thing, wrapped in a mantle of pure icing sugar on average about 5mm deep. When my Greek colleague returned from his break and produced the box this morning, everyone assumed (perhaps not very diplomatically) it was Turkish Delight - interestingly shaped lumps warping the surface of an untrodden sea of icing sugar. Now the box is empty, the leftover icing sugar is still about 2cm deep.

You need a napkin, you need strong coffee and you need to be not remotely diabetic. If you can manage all those - yum.


  1. Anonymous9:23 am

    We'll have to ask him to bring some more of those back from Greece next time he goes. They were very tasty! Bob

  2. Anonymous9:25 am

    I agree they were really nice sweets, we'll have to ask him to bring back some more next time he goes home! Bob..

  3. ... and yet, also so lethal ...

  4. hehehe... having been to greece myself i seem to recall something very much similar to this... shame at the time my parents didn't know about what the effect would be on me....

    In south africa the word is...
    "immagonnarunnarounddathepathenonmommytryandcatchme"... hehehe


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