Thursday, January 18, 2007

Toilet humour

Someone in this house - and I have my suspicions who - leaves empty toilet rolls in the toilet roll holder.

They don't have a couple of scraps left on, and the next roll in line has not been plundered of its first few squares. The roll is exactly finished.

I can think of three possible explanations.
  1. Yer modern Tesco toilet roll is precisely calculated by computer to match the toiletary needs of a family of three (with a complex algorithm that caters for the needs of the occasional visitor too).
  2. This person likes to round up to the nearest square.
  3. This person prefers to suffer mild discomfort rather than go to the bother of opening up a new roll to finish off what the old roll began.
I may ask him this person, just out of interest.


  1. I find that when the roll is reaching the end I am much more conservative to avoid the bother of getting a new one.

  2. and i think speaking about oneself is usually the 2nd sign of going crazy.... the 1st being offcourse due to the roll being empty *evil smile* hehehe

  3. More than I know about most of my friends, Simon, but thanks for sharing!

  4. Circumstances permitting, I have been known to improvise with the cardboard bit when I find M has left the loo roll empty. Circumstances not permitting, I yell until some is delivered.

  5. Damn, I've just blown my feminine mystique, haven't I?

  6. Possibly.

    A close family member found herself in a cardboard roll situation. 3-year-old nephew was passing and was asked to fetch some more paper. He was given the empty roll as a reference. He eventually returned with the contents of an existing roll carefully re-wrapped around the old one.

  7. djchallis4:32 pm

    i have the handy situation of having bags of new toilet rolls in the same room as the toilet i use.

  8. So do we, which is what makes it so baffling ...


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