Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hans the Grumpy German

Everyone should have an alter ego. For the last 10 years Hans has accompanied me every time I have ventured beyond the borders of Her Majesty's realms. Now, however, he has been retired, to be replaced by someone who quite disconcertingly actually looks a bit like me.

To see what his replacement looks like, and to find out what name I will give him, come back in 2017. Or when I need a new passport because the Americans decide that travellers will need finger prints, brain waves, retina scans and bodily fluid samples encoded in their biometric chips. Whichever is sooner.

Meanwhile, wiedersehen, mein alter Freund.


  1. Have I shown you the French work permit that made me look like Carlos the Jackal?

  2. Dude, you look so like the DJ Mike Reid there...

  3. I thought the glasses were more Simon Bates, but I do see what you mean.

    John, the world needs to see you looking like Carlos the Jackal.

  4. I think "needs" may be putting it a bit strongly. Still, I've stuck the offending item up here, for all to see:

  5. Cripers. Are the dark glasses compulsory in France?

  6. Oh no, those were my *photoreactive* glasses, with a special tint in the lenses that turned them dark at the merest hint of daylight. Or any light. ("Peril Sensitive Sunglasses", eh?) So the light in the passport photo booth made them start to shade over, but the French constabulary's trick of turning my colour photo black-and-white finished the job.

    In the end the tint denatured in some odd way and the glasses stayed semi-dark all the time, so I haven't had 'em since.


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