Monday, February 18, 2008

I had a dream

I was staying at the house of Eric van Lustbader* and we were discussing The Amber Spyglass, which I was re-reading** with about 30 pages to go. We agreed it was a disappointing end to the trilogy: his words (in the dream) were "it was a good marriage ceremony but the nuptials were disappointing."

Then, through the window, I saw two people from church,*** who were looking for me because it's a school day and that's where I was meant to be. Then I woke up.



* This is not a man I have ever met, seen or I think read, but I would say he was in his thirties with a sort of seventies cut.

** I really was re-reading it with about 30 pages to go. Finished it this morning.

*** Adrian C and David W. The David W who has a teenage son, not the unrelated David different-W who is a teenage son.


  1. Your love of reading is no secret to anyone who reads this blog (or, I suspect, has ever spoken to you!), so Eric's presence and the topic of discussion are unsurprising. Slightly more unusual is the reference to disappointing nuptials. I've been studying Freud lately so my translations would be inappropriate for the public blog of a stranger!

    The people from church and the school anxiety are also standard dream fodder from my experience, possibly relating to some work or obligation you haven't fulfilled.

    Dream analysis is fun :) I've remembered my own lately so I'll post my own now...

  2. Your discretion is appreciated!

    I was having a mild case of Amber Spyglass Anxiety as we were going to London yesterday and I didn't want to lug my chunky hardback all the way there and back for the sake of 30 pages. That was probably my last waking thought on Sunday.

    Not sure why two of the nicest people in my church should be the ones on the prowl to pluck me from the hands of Eric van Lustbader ...

  3. I had a nightmare last night that involved everyone turning into zombies, the me waking up and realising it was a dream, then finding my family downstairs as zombies, then remembering I don't live at home anymore and convincing myself to wake up for real.

    I'm not even gonna try the Freudian analysis on it.

  4. Gav gets a lot of zombie dreams, I have no idea what it means. Overwhelming odds, perhaps.

  5. Or too many computer games perhaps?

    I know I've been playing too long when I close my eyes and still see aliens running towards me. Wouldn't be too hard for it to slip into dreams I imagine...

  6. I haven't played any zombie games in a while, though I have been watching Bioshock trailers...

    It was a scary dream. A bit like Shaun of the Dead meets Alien.

  7. I feel very proud that you are able to make that comparison.


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