Friday, November 10, 2006

Vows of sacrifice, headless chickens

For the record, this is what a chicken looks like when impaled on a pierced can of Adnams. Red colour is due to the heavily paprika-based seasoning rubbed into it. Roast at gas mark 6 for 75 minutes and it doesn't so much need carving as poking - the flesh just melts off the bone.

Extreme yum.


  1. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Mmmm, that looks like a tasty little treat! Are you a chef? Your presentation is perfectly exquisite.

    I laughed at this one!
    ~ DeBunkem

  2. Ben, can we assume that this chicken a) had a nice free range life (possibly Waitrose-style) and b) that the can insertion was post-mortem? I am fairly sure we can, but I like to check these things. It's one of the few points of the moral compass I feel comfortable occupying...

  3. I can only say "definitely" to one of those two. The other I can only hope so.


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