Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It lives, I tell you, lives!

My poor drowned kitten - Wingèd Chariot, published 2000, died 2001 when I jumped publishers and Scholastic had no interest in keeping it in print. Not that they had entirely helped matters by giving it a cover straight out of the Junior Book of Bible Stories and, as is usual for Scholastic, publicising it under conditions of complete secrecy.

But no more. With only the effort required from a couple of lunchbreaks, it is available once more to a waiting world, mwah hah hah hah hah! Treeware or e-ware, your choice, downloadable on-demand from, with a cover that's a little more interesting than before. Go to and see for yourself.

In fact, if someone would like to buy it just so I know how easy it actually is, that would be very useful research ...

To follow, when I have a moment: His Majesty's Starship.

Anyway, some gratuitous text now follows to hook the attentions of the search engines.
  • novel by Ben Jeapes
  • reprint
  • time travel
  • adventure
  • far future
  • medieval philosophy
  • history of science
  • download

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