Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I would say Happy Blogiversary

... except that even in a field renowned for its neologisms, that is a particularly naff one. Still, you get the gist. I started this blog a year ago. A full solar orbit later and that in-depth analytical critique of the music of Men Without Hats has blossomed into commentary on life, death, religion, matrimony (pending, imminent and on-going), writing, chickens and the occasional hint that I'm quite a Dr Who fan.

To mark the occasion I've even changed the picture at the top. No longer Ben and his good mate Cybes, taken at the 2005 World SF Convention in Glasgow; now Ben in his Matrix audition photo (I was smiling too much, I never had a chance), taken on the most important of the last 365 days.

Here's a last chance to see the old. For the record, you had to donate money to (if I recall correctly) cancer research for the privilege of being snapped with a cyberman, so it was all in a good cause. Also included in the background: a TARDIS, a TARDIS console and (if you look very closely at the blue blur on the left) a Stargate. Honestly, I was there for the literary criticism.

Bye bye!

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