Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two words you rarely see side by side

"Scorched colon".




  1. mike m4:34 pm

    In hindsight maybe he shouldn't have done it. Now he'll be the butt of everyone's jokes. Bummer.
    PS - huge congratulations on a) finishing your new manuscript and b) taking Winged Chariot to print again. I shall be ordering my copy forthwith. Recently finished The Xenocide Mission and really enjoyed it, even though I hadn't read His Majesty's Starship.

  2. Charlie11:28 am

    Tenuously related ast best, but here's some colon fun from television's the Mighty Boosh:

    Howard Moon: Just imagine the headlines 'Howard Moon - colon - Explorer'. Got a ring to that don't it?
    Vince Noir: Colon Explorer?
    Howard Moon: You know what I saying.
    Vince Noir: I think that's got the wrong ring to it.


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