Thursday, November 23, 2006

Oh-h-h-h yeah, feels go-o-o-o-od ...

The new, charity-supporting credit card has arrived and been activated. It has a small, realistic credit limit. Its statements are concise and easy to read, and do not announce the sum of credit limit minus balance as "available to spend". Nor do its backers send me blank cheques drawn against it, with helpful hints like "why not write yourself a cheque for your current account to give yourself some funds?"

The old MBNA card has been cut in two and returned to its owners with its final statement. Thought of scribbling "that's for my parents' friend's daughter and the git you employed that she married", but felt that would be childish unless by some million-to-one chance he was the one to process the cancellation.

Yes, it feels good.

The other day I got some junk mail from MBNA exhorting me to take out a loan to finance a putative dream holiday. The envelope was emblazoned "Do You Like to Get Away?"

The irony is not lost.

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