Thursday, September 28, 2006

Finally, reality TV I would watch

On the BBC News site: Branson unveils Virgin spaceship. Which is quite fun even on its own terms. But Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn says the company is in negotiations over a reality TV show.
"The indications are that we can create a show that would give people the chance to go into space. It would be a cross between Dr Who, Star Trek and the Krypton Factor."
Does this mean a programme where we get to vote which celebrities get thrown out of the airlock to suffer a horrifying and painful death in the merciless vacuum of space?

Point me at it.

Meanwhile, on the subject of boy’s toys, will the BBC please GET OVER Richard Hammond. Yes, he seems a genuinely nice bloke. Yes, he has an enthusiasm for fast machines that almost killed him in a 300mph crash. At least one of those is a fact that could apply to a lot of people and we don’t get news saturation about them, do we?

You may, if you absolutely have to, run a news item about him being transferred to another hospital. But honestly, accompanying it with a video clip of him being transferred, on a trolley, is just taking the ... taking it a little too far.

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