Thursday, August 28, 2008

We need a word for Schadenfreude

Satisfying things in life. Getting a trapped seed out from between your teeth. Successfully installing a bit of software. Seeing an impatient driver be held up.
  • Item: the traffic lights where Drayton and Preston Roads meet. Right hand lane to go straight ahead, left hand to turn into Preston Rd only. A small queue of cars in the right hand lane awaits the green light. Twit zooms by in the left hand lane and continues straight ahead, cutting in front of the other vehicles.
  • Item: All the traffic queues up in Drayton to let a bus take on passengers. Twit is two cars behind the bus but still pulls out to try and overtake everyone in front of him. Too much oncoming traffic means he has to pull back again.
  • Item: Rowstock roundabout. This time it's left hand lane to go straight ahead, right hand lane to turn right only. Twit zooms down the right hand lane and again tries to cut in front of the straight ahead traffic.
Despite all this, the twit never gained more than a two car lead on me for the entire journey into work, and I stuck to the limits and the correct lanes. So he had, say, a ten second advantage. Sadly I didn't see how his journey ended as my own turning came up first.

Okay, let's be charitable. Maybe his wife was having a baby. In hospital-free Harwell, I hear you cry? Well, it could happen. No, really.

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  1. Since deliberately slowing down on motorways, we have noticed our average speed has gone up.


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