Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some final New Yorkities before we move on

I'm back in the UK and literally light-headed with jetlag. This will probably make sense. If you scroll down you may see that I've adorned the earlier reports with some photos. Next I'll do Denver - probably much later today, or even tomorrow - and of course Denvention, which is what it was all about.

But first, a few final things I didn't get round to saying about New York ...

Don't bother with the Empire State Building. Go up the Rockefeller Center instead. (Note the spelling. Rather embarrasingly, whoever paints the buses for CitySights NY can't spell it right.)

The Empire State Building is frankly hellish in a crowd; there's not much room, and the chain link suicide barriers get in the way of your photos. Look how much this random tourist is enjoying it.

The Rockefeller Center is much the same height, the viewing gallery is much roomier (three different levels), and the suicide barriers are clear perspex. Here's Central Park from the Top of the Rock.

And here's the ESB.

And finally, New York has waterfalls. Yes, yes, I know, the state of New York has some of the Niagara Falls in it ... but the city has four all of its own. They are Art.

This one, beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, is quite effective ...

But when you get to a standalone 100 foot-high waterfall you have to wonder, um, why?

Actually, no you don't. Geneva has the Jet d'Eau and it's really quite striking. Why shouldn't New York have something similar? What you do have to wonder at, though, is the fact that people pay to take cruises out to look at the waterfalls. That's getting obsessive.

We didn't.

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