Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One day like this a year'd see me right

For reasons losts in the mists of civil service antiquity, my colleagues and I and many like us get a bonus bank holiday after the August break. Today has been spent fruitfully and relaxingly at home. I have:
  • re-installed the printer and scanner on Bonusbarn's ex/Best Beloved's new computer.
  • re-installed Norton Security on same, being pleasantly surprised to find that it recognised our subscription still has a while to run so didn't need renewing. I am pleasantly surprised whenever something sensible and life-smoothing like that happens, which is rather sad. My faith in the disharmony of things was renewed when it appeared that Norton's Urgent Problem Fix thingy and Norton's Live Update insisted on running simultaneously without recognising that they were working on the same problem, viz. looking for virus definition updates. And so of course neither worked and they had to be dragged apart and made to do their stuff separately. Normality is restored.
  • moved funds from one financial institution to another in time for the end of month, America-laden credit card bill.
  • bought a new shower head as the old was limescaled up. A delightful discovery that these things are standardised to fit to a 12.7mm pipe, so one size fits all. Well I never! This is so obvious that I really am surprised they got it through. Please could these people now direct their talents towards the printer cartridge industry?
  • bought a new phone, as I think the old one got too wet with rain or cloud or sweat up Snowdon and has been flaky ever since. Mostly standardised (of course) but just different enough to keep me on my toes. Nice one.
  • written words. I have to do an average of 740 words a day between now and the middle of October to do the current hackwork in progress. Not hard when you're writing one of the exciting set pieces; harder when you simply have to get someone from A to B, plausibly and coherently with the plot narrative.
  • left a voicemail with A Famous Person.
It's days like this that make all the difference.

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  1. check your local supermarket for de-scaler. Also works on showerheads to keep your new one shin for longer.


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