Friday, August 01, 2008

I got it from Agnes

Part of the UN tour yesterday included an exhibition on why peace is a generally good thing, presumably aimed at any waverers among us. Some decommissioned landmines, an AK47 that has been transformed into an electric guitar ... and a statue of St Agnes.

I know very little about St Agnes, except that in Rome there is a church called St Agnes in Agony. I wish they were in Abingdon so they could enter a team into the annual Church in Abingdon Quiz. "Christ Church ... Peachcroft ... St Nick's ... Agnes in Agony ..."

This particular Agnes was quite battered and lightly grilled, and had been found face down in the ruins of the Catholic cathedral of Hiroshima.

I'm all in favour of the UN's work. I don't like landmines, child soldiers are an abomination in a civilised world, I want HIV and malaria eradicated. But if there was one thing that said why the UN is a good idea, it was old Agnes. And our otherwise excellent tour guide didn't even mention her.

In other news: last night upwards of 20 police cars came tearing along 43rd Street and off down FDR Drive. Very exciting.

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