Monday, August 25, 2008

So that's what the inside of a keyboard looks like

Bonusbarn's laptop means that the remaining computers in the family can be redistributed. At long last Best Beloved gets her own PC!

Meaning that first it must be debonusbarned.

Lord knows what he's done to it in the last two years but the 30 second boot up time had somehow deterioriated to several minutes. The simplest solution was to restore Windows XP to its old settings. By a miracle similar to the loaves and fishes, he had kept the restoration disk. That bit was no problem.

With the software crud out of the way it was time tackle the hardware crud, which was the most fun bit. A combination of Mr Muscle and Henry dislodged about a ton of biological waste from the keyboard. He is now quite hairy; well, he would look like Cousin It if that lot was still on his head rather than stuck between the keys. And then we unscrewed the back - by now, more out of a sense of adventure and "because we can". The Page Down key was sticky; something very similar to jam (but we weren't going to taste it to check) had accumulated around it on the rubber membrane that the keys stick in to. More Mr Muscle. Marvellous stuff.

The wine glass is to keep the screws from the keyboard in. Trust me.

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