Friday, June 20, 2008

Most of the text is right

... except possibly the last sentence. The picture is definitely wrong.

Your result for The Fashion Style Test...

Sporty Hottie

[Tasteful Conventional Random Sexy]

You don't pay an awful lot of attention to clothes. You have a few criteria which direct you when shopping: you want your clothes to be as unpretentious as possible and to make you look as good as possible. Other than that you don't spend hours on thinking about outfits. You are not very creative in your choices but because you're comfortable with your body and like to show it, people, especially the opposite sex, judge your style highly. Maybe you don't wear sportswear but you might consider it: it's simple, unostentatious and tight.

The opposite style from yours is Fashion Artist [Flamboyant Original Deliberate Prissy].

All the categories: Librarian Sporty Hottie Office Master Uptown Girl/ Boy Brainy Student Movie Star Fashionista Glamorous Soul Fashion Enemy Bar Cruiser Kid Next Door Sex Bomb Hippie Kid Fashion Rebel Fashion Artist Catwalk God(ess)

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  1. Well, it appears I am the opposite [Flamboyant Original Deliberate Prissy]. Who'd have thought?

  2. Hippy Kid. Meh...


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