Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buzz buzz buzz, I wonder why he does?

Yesterday's excitement: a swarm of honey bees taking up lodgings in our car park. You can just see them here between the purple and the green bits.

Today's excitement (well, diversion from work, anyway): a man coming to take them away again.

Most of the bees went straight into the box with the black lid, which might have a technical term in bee-keeping jargon. I'm told he grabbed hold of the queen, put her in and the rest of the clump followed. It's full of slats and is doubtless a grade-A portable bee habitat.

This still left a lot of bees flying around. They don't show up in the photo but they were quite thick in the air. They went, with a bit of coaxing, into the grade-B portable bee habitat which looked strangely like a battered old box held together by brown masking tape. There may be a technical term for that as well.

A grade-C portable bee habitat doesn't bear thinking about. Just say that he was wearing low cut jeans and flashed the occasional coy hint of builder's bum.

Apparently this service is strictly amateur - there is no national Bee Removal Society - but in lieu of renumeration these people get to keep the swarm. Seems fair.


  1. I heard that they're not swarming much any more? And that that's the basis for the whole "no bees" theme in doctor who.

  2. Apparently it was quite a small swarm (the guy, when phoned, asked "how many bees?" and seemed quite surprised they hadn't been counted). So they're on the decline.

    I assumed Dr Who did the running bee joke to be topical, but I will be quite impressed if it turns out to be the series denouement. Along with the return of Rose and Davros.


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