Sunday, June 22, 2008

Firefox is fired

Thanks to Semicolon for alerting me to a page that explains some of the improvements in Firefox 3. Yeah, okay, improvements. I admit it.

But the fact was the font rendering of some sites was simply unacceptable. And this was the official release, for crying out loud - how bad was it for the beta testers? Anyway, I'm now back on Firefox 2 and here I shall stay until it's fixed.

All credit to Mozilla, the uninstall feature includes an option to tell them why you're uninstalling - and then it displays the reasons to date. Which, as of 21.40 on 22 June are:
  • Performance (load delays, memory usage) 15393
  • Hard to use/confusing (menus, display, etc.) 11969
  • Missing features 11189
  • Security 8358
  • Some features didn't work 13792
  • Printing 6094
  • Plugin compatibility (Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Windows Media Player, etc.) 12377
  • Some web pages wouldn't work 21951
  • Just temporary, I'm planning to install Firefox again soon 14659
  • Other 22943
So the most popular apart from "Other" appears to be "Some web pages wouldn't work". Kind of a basic requirement for most browsers, you'd have thought.


  1. Gary Dalkin3:45 pm

    I installed Firefox 3 on my main PC and laptop on launch day, and was running the final release candidate before that, and haven't found any problems with font rendering. And that's with running about 60 extensions.

    There are some strange inconsistencies though. I've found one or two extensions which would install one one machine but not the other,and the extension Menu Editor completely messes up the browser on my laptop - tabs and links cease to work at all - yet exactly the same version of the same extension works perfectly on my PC. Very strange.

    Anyway, Firefox 3 is a nice improvement over Firefox 2, but I suspect it is conflicting with something in your computer set-up rather than being fundamentally flawed. I hope you can get V.3 working soon.

  2. Thanks, Gary. Yes, some local conflict was what I was thinking - but life's too short to be the one to resolve it. I'm just software carrion, picking up the pieces after it's all over ...


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