Saturday, May 24, 2008

You tease

On day 1 there was the blue box. DON'T CARE / NOT US! It came addressed to my manager and in it was a chocolate heart.

The next two came in the same post on day 2, which suggests a teaser campaign that ran out of patience. CAN'T DO IT / OH YES WE CAN had a chocolate Swiss army penknife (rather neat, I thought) and BAD EXPERIENCES / I DON'T THINK SO had 18p in chocolate money. One chocolate 10p and four chocolate 2ps. It also contained the business card for a firm of printers that wants to do business with us and, by all available evidence, charges its customers far too much if they can afford to do teaser campaigns like this.

My fellow technical editor N got the heart for his girlfriend, my manager R got the penknife for his little boy and I got the problem of how to divide 18p in chocolate coins equally in a family of three.

The small print inside the green, final box includes the threat promise of a phone call. We may hold out for more chocolate.

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