Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Take a look at the lawman beating up the wrong guy

Sometimes your birthday falls on a weekend. I would guess this happens about 2/7ths of the time, which is basically a third, give or take. And if your birthday falls in the middle of February, it generally manages to hit half term, or come very close.

But today was the first time I have ever actively instigated a holiday on my birthday, i.e. taken a day of annual leave allowance. Blame my lovely wife for the idea, but it was a very good one and shall be repeated.

So, a lie in, breakfast in bed and a home made card from the Boy, with a message that made me quite nervous until I had read it all the way through:
"I just want you to know that the ONLY people I send birthday cards to are attractive, intelligent and sexy individuals. Merry Christmas."
Then a walk to the Fox for lunch and back (for those with local knowledge: okay, we parked at Long Furlong and walked the rest of the way), and an evening that will probably consist of last night's Life on Mars and who knows maybe some Cadfael too. Having married someone who has opened my eyes to The Bill, Judge John Deed, Waking the Dead, Foyle's War ... well, you get the message, anyway, LoM should be the ideal crossover point for our mutual tastes.

Badly handled birthdays suck. Done properly, they rock.


  1. Happy birthday Ben! Life on Mars was fun, weirder than the last series, if that's possible...

    seeing as it's also valentine's day, did you manage to spend some time with your wife but without carl?
    probably, lol.
    glad you enjoyed it.

    i saw life on mars yesterday. completely missed the first series (hate myself), but loved that episode, so i guess i'll stick with it!

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  4. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Happy Birthday... (bit late in the day)


  5. hehehehehe i'm going to have to use that message for my dad's birthday soon...or maybe my brother!

    happy birthday :) thats cool that you took a day to celebrate it too! hope it was a long and relaxing day and not one of those days that went too quickly!

    and your wife has good taste in programs, 'waking the dead' and 'the bill' in particular!

    (apparently i deleted my post, but i didnt! so had to post again- weird)

  6. Happy Birthday! For, er, yesterday I guess.

    Also, David Bowie FTW.

  7. And the results are ... an interesting intro to the new series. Sam begins to go native with 1970s policing - ooh er. And Annie finally gets a fraction of the recognition she deserves! Yay!

  8. Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed it and have just been discussing it over breakfast in bed. Chris is going to pick up series 1 on DVD so we can watch it all again.

    We caught a couple of episodes of Foyles War recently and really enjoyed them. I enjoy Alison Graham slating Judge John Deed in the Radiotimes but wouldn't want to watch it myself.

  9. Hmm. I do like the series - just not sure I like it so much I'd want to watch it again. There is only so much T-Rex backing music that mortal man was meant to here. Mind you, I'd gladly watch a compilation that just include Gene Hunt's scenes.

    The Further Adventures of Ray Doyle - um, I mean, Judge John Deed basically plays towards the instinct in each of us that justice should be done regardless of the obstacles thrown in its path by the law, but minus the blatant manipulation of crooked coppers, vigilantes etc. In other words it makes us feel safely lawless and doesn't stand up to a minute's actual legal scrutiny.


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