Monday, February 12, 2007

It's the principle, innit

You can't sneak anything past the bright bods of Homeserve GB Ltd.
"During a recent review of our customer records, we identified that you may live in a flat or apartment."
The letter was correctly addressed to my full postal address, which includes the word "Flat" as the very first word of the first line. So, spot on, eh? You can see where all our graduates are going.

Anyway, they urged me to call to check that my cover was still appropriate for my newly flattened address. Some is, some isn't - and some of what isn't never was. So, you'll be refunding my premium, then?

Well, apparently not, as the policy documentation that I have received (having bought the policy) allegedly drew my attention to my ineligibility. Except that (a) it doesn't (I've just checked it for the third time) and (b) the person to whom I gave my address over the phone really should have picked up on the f-word when I said it. A brief moment of being put on hold while the minion consults with the manager ... and yes, I get a refund, to be with me within 28 days.

It's £15. But like I say, it's the principle.

I've also discovered an acid test for those of us who like to be reasonable, British, non-complaining, don't make waves etc. Aside from the sense of natural justice, just ask: "Do you expect sympathy if you go home and tell your wife this?" If the answer is no, then it's not reasonable and you go for the jugular.


  1. and what about for those of us without wives?

    in any case, i'm impressed you got the refund.

  2. You practice for when you do ...

  3. When I grow up, I want to be a mindless tool of bureaucracy!

  4. i'm pretty sure she didn't mean that...

  5. Congrats, Deev, you just won your 5 metre badge in sarcasm ;)

  6. Would that be with or without the water-wings?


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