Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stationery in motion

Once upon a time I accidentally got on the mailing list of Viking Direct, and started to get annoyed by the endless series of stationery catalogues that kept arriving. Asking them to stop didn't help. Marking them as "return to sender" or even "not known" didn't help. Eventually I got to putting them in an unstamped envelope and returning them that way. Took about five minutes after that to fall off the database.

However, they do have some soul, even if they are a large corporation, as this little gem shows.

And as I'm stuck on no. 14, I would welcome any assistance.


  1. "person" knocked down, gets back up again (but plays different character in sequel)

  2. Thank you, it has since been resolved! Hardly an iconic scene from the movie in question, though ...


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