Saturday, December 23, 2006

Round 2 to the ape descendants

This, children, is what you get for over reaching yourself. Once again it took the bait off one trap without setting it off.

When it came to the other trap, however ...


A little annoying that it was able to waltz past all the pollyfilla anti-meteorite foam that I carefully squirted into every available crevice I could find behind the sink unit, but so it goes.

By the way - all that stuff about the well 'ard Swedish farmer's daughter who laughs in the face of humaneness? I'm still the one who has to dispose of the body.


  1. Watch out: they may get wise to the traps and evolve intelligence, and then you'll wind up with them sewn onto your trouser legs. Oh no, wait, that was that episode of 'Doomwatch'.

  2. What are you using for bait? I remember when there was one in our house some poison in the loft did the trick.

  3. Ah yes, rattus sapiens, Robert Powell's finest hour. Who'd have thought after such heights of excellence that he would end up slumming it at Holby City?

    I believe we used fudge for round 2. Update: another last night, baited with marshmallow. Will be interested to see how high the pile of little skeletons outside has to get before they get the message.


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