Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Your name in my files

Finally got round to installing some visitor tracking HTML, and interesting viewing it makes.

First, there's many more readers than I had thought there would be out there: hello to all you silent types, you are all groovy people.

Second, David: if I see you've been browsing this site when you should be doing your homework again, I won't tell your mum. Her job to be vigilant, not mine.

And finally, greetings to the Australian individual who came here following an MSN search for "C S Lewis freemason". I presume you found my posting of a few days ago. I hope you weren't too disappointed. Well, you came back three times anyway ...


  1. I'm one of your silent readers. We met at Chris and Penny's party. I enjoy your humourous comments and Christian insights. Congratulations on your recent engagement.

  2. I can be sometimes interested in HTML, can you show me how to track visitors?

    I can track subscriptions to RSS feeds already, but visitors would be fun!


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