Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Plague Lending Right

Vampire Plagues 1 cover Vampire Plagues 1 cover Vampire Plagues 1 cover
I think I was just about prepared for it.

As well as Ben I am also Sebastian, at least some of the time - Sebastian Rook, that is, author of the first three Vampire Plagues novels: London, Paris and Mexico. (That's as opposed to Sebastian Rook, author of the next three Vampire Plagues novels: Outbreak, Epidemic and Extermination, who is someone else entirely.) Someone else thinks up the plots, I'm the hack hired to write them.

And they're doing better than my own stuff, at least, according to this year's PLR statement. PLR is Public Lending Right, a fund set up by a grateful nation to reward those authors whose books are loaned by the nation's libraries. In the last 365 days, my own books have ranged between the low and the high 3-figure numbers of withdrawals, while the Vampire Plagues are both safely into 4 figures.

The breakdown in percentages of loans is:

  • London: 32%
  • Paris: 21%
  • The Xenocide Mission pb: 15%
  • The Xenocide Mission hb: 12%
  • New World Order: 8%
  • Winged Chariot: 6%
  • His Majesty's Starship: 6%
Mexico wasn't out in time to register for the period; nor is the paperback New World Order.

Full-time hackwork, here I come. I'm not too proud and I'm sufficiently secure in my identity. No matter what the world may know me as, deep down I will always know that I am Sebastian. I mean Ben. Damn!

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  1. i was never told about the extermination book on vampire plagues.how come?I only knew about London,Paris,Mexico,Outbreak and Epedmic.Every site i looked at only had those ones.


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