Sunday, January 22, 2006

Shed a tear, but not a big one

Much of last weekend, and of this, and much of the foreseeable future too, has been / will be spent transforming a bachelor pad of 14 years standing into a home fit for a lady + child. First stage is to make room for it all. Here is just some of the room we have made so far. It all - just - fitted into the back of an estate Vectra and was transported up to the dump-... um, the waste recycling centre. 14 years worth of junk. Gone. Juslikat.

Also to be taken into account in the clearout stakes are another delivery of about half the above size to the dump last week; again approximately half the above amount, slightly more sellable, which was denoted to a tsunami relief jumble sale; and eight box files containing my collection of Interzone from #14 (1986) to the present, given to someone through Freecycle.

Also significant is that I finally got rid of several boxes of 3SF magazine and a box full of Big Engine books, which have been knocking around here for the last three years. (The rest of the junk sneered down upon them as mere children.) This led to a slight clash of wills between me ["this is taking up valuable space in my private home; I do not want it; it is unsellable; therefore it is private junk"] and the centre foreman ["this was the product of a company you ran, even though the company has not existed since 2003; therefore it is trade waste"] which was only resolved by the transfer of a £10 note, sadly in the wrong direction from my perspective, but it's one more step taken towards washing my hands of BE forever.

Okay, I admit it:
(1) I brought the Boy back again.
(2) Yes, he is wearing a strip of blue lino like a scarf.

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