Thursday, January 19, 2006

Can we fix it? Yeah, all right

First: the scene from our kitchen window at work last week. Far from ideal - it used to be fields, or at least grass, all the way down to the ugly concrete thing in the background. But preferable to the second pic, which is the scene from the same window today.

The first scene - which is presumably ongoing - is because our beloved landlords thought it would be a good idea to build a brand new accommodation block six feet away from us. They incidentally plan to demolish this building, sooner or later. But just to show they are also caring and sharing types, they are replacing the windows of our building, which work perfectly well. To make it safe for the window people they first have to remove the asbestos that is apparently sealed into our walls. Of this building that has stood for 40 years. Without anyone dying. And which is scheduled for demolition.

So, we are now wrapped up like one of Christo's works in progress and eagerly awaiting next week when Russia's current cold snap hits us.

The builders have cut through the main water supply and there is no cold water feed into the building. Toilets won't refill after flushing and - the unkindest cut - the coffee machines can only be topped up from the watercoolers.

We will be kept informed...

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