Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Extremely extreme

We hear today that extremists unfortunately linked to Fathers 4 Justice had the bright idea of kidnapping young Leo Blair to publicise their cause. Since any such attempt would probably have resulted in the Prime Minister's highly trained bodyguards delivering a magazineful of warning shots to the head, it's almost a shame they didn't try it. Leo would soon have got over it - he has a pretty scary mother, so there's probably little that can phase him - and the average intelligence of the human race would have received quite a boost.

I wonder if one extremist can recognise another? If you think abducting a five-year-old would do anything at all to gain sympathy for your cause, do you also think that animal rights are best protected by burning down research labs and the rights of the unborn by gunning down doctors who perform abortions? On the great venn diagram of extremism, do these circles overlap much, or are they distinct from each other, pointing fingers at the others and saying "cor, what a nutter?"

Answers on a fatwa, please.

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