Friday, July 04, 2008

Spelling it worng

I have just finished writing a review of Charles Stross's Saturn's Children, which is a deliberate tribute to the works of Robert A. Heinlein, which means typing "Heinlien" quite a lot. And I can't do it. My fingers have taken an active dislike to his name. These were the fingers that had to turn the pages of Hienlein's Number of the Beast, so they may have a point. Except that I'm not that good on "Storss" either.

Nor am I great (from a random sample of memory) on:
  • abd
  • abotu
  • adn
  • anbd
  • applicatoin
  • becuase
  • commerical
  • copmany
  • hopsital
  • huis
  • pout (as in down)
  • whioch
My handwriting, which was never great to start with, went completely to pot when I took up typing. Now my typing is going the same way. Please will someone invent some decent voice-, or even better thought-recongition sofwtare.


  1. "So this is my first post using thought recognition software. I have this itch on my butt. What am I having for lunch? Hmm itchy butt itchy butt. I've decided to write a review of oh no it's raining outside, I forgot to take the washing in, itchy butt itchy butt."

  2. That's what beta testers are for.

  3. Voice recognition is very difficult to get working properly. Regarding typing if you have the time I suggest learning the dvorak keyboard layout - I personally find it much more usable once you unlearn qwerty.

  4. one of my worst words atm is jospeh (as you can see) which is hopeless when writing sunday school material!

  5. In my previous career I wasted at least half of every day typing sapce.


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