Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Singing Pierce Brosnan: surprisingly popular

As many of you know, I have an acquired Swedish heritage by marriage. I know how to pronounce ö and å. I know what a krona is worth. I have a reserve King should I ever feel insufficiently catered for in the monarchy stakes, and will one day have a Queen Victoria who will be considerably hotter than the last one.

And so I could have reasonably expected to one day go and see Mamma Mia! What I couldn't reasonably expect was that the 8pm show in the middle of the week should be sold out. Sold out! On a Wednesday! For goodness sake, people, what were you doing on Tuesday or Monday? Or was it sold out then too?

How many Abba fans are there in Oxford? Are we the Abba capital of Europe, or at least the secondary capital outside Stockholm?

Still, it was a nice excuse to drop in at the Fox with Best Beloved for a drink instead. We will try our luck again next week, most likely Tuesday. Which happens to be our second anniversary. Clearly some things are just meant.

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