Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sing if you're proud to be happy, joyful, bright

Hands up if you've ever known someone, probably older than you and quite possibly a relative, complain that the word 'gay' has been hijacked?

It obviously weighs heavy on the mind of the American Family Association, which like many organisations with the word 'Family' in the title is right wing, Christian and a little dippy. Its news site gets an automated feed from Associated Press but it apparently performs its own automated find-and-replace on certain key words. The Association is firmly of the opinion that 'gay' should keep to its old definition and if someone means homosexual then that is what it should say.

Which is unfortunate for US Olympic Sprinter Tyson Gay.

(Courtesy of http://www.rightwingwatch.org/2008/06/the_dangers_of_1.html)

It reminded me of the episode of Friends where Joey goes overboard with Word's Thesaurus function as he writes a letter and ends up signing himself "Baby Kangaroo". Even funnier, it reminded someone else in a comments thread of an article from The Onion brilliantly lampooning the agenda-heavy reporting of some news outlets.

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