Friday, November 09, 2007

I has a TARDIS

This will only be amusing to a tiny fraction of my readership, but anyone who understands why these are funny knows a great deal about me.

Take the language and sensibilities of lolcats, combine it with Dr Who and you get Dr Who Cat Macros.

Actually cats play very little part in them, well over 90% aren't half as funny as they think they are and can they please stop dredging the barrel over the last series. For true art you have to go back to old skool.

A random selection of coffee-up-nose-inducers follows. Putting these inline would break all sorts of rights so you'll have to follow the links. Hopefully the captions will intrigue you enough.

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  1. Ah thank-you! I spent most of this summer addicted to "Ihasatardis" and only managed to break the addiction once the new season stopped. I think my favourite was a long narrative string involving the Master inviting everyone back for Monopoly - although "unexpected ice-cream truck" came a close second/


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