Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Ayatollah Song

One of the great, ground-breaking sketches of Not the Nine O'Clock News was surely the Ayatollah Song. I can still remember lines off the top of my head.
"Well I used to love Sadat, but I've had that scene (she's had it, she's had it)
I was hit (how?) by Schmidt (wow!)
And I once went for Begin (she began with Begin)
And I had to discard Giscard
Though he was kinda neat and clean
(Unlike Barry Sheen ...)"
And then came the fatwa on Rushdie and the song was never heard of again. Wonder why.

But this story on the Beeb site about Islamic comedians set me to searching YouTube on the off chance ... and blow me down, there it is.

Enjoy while you still can.

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