Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ben backs the Bishop

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you Alan Wilson, Area Bishop of Buckingham:
“... if I say "gay bishops" everybody except the occasional couple of zealots glazes over almost instantaneously. When I engage about Creation, which I do rather more often, I notice that people light up. Of course they do. There are four or five verses in the Bible that just possibly could have anything at all to do with the Gay issue. Meanwhile ruddy great chunks of it, say a fifth of the text, is the Creator’s love song — heavens proclaiming God's glory, people exercising stewardship, prophets drawing messages from God out of nature. Apart from the anoraks, a few religious correspondents and rentaquote coteries, nobody in long trousers actually gives a pig's burp about gay bishops, compared to staying alive ...”

“...What is God going to say to the Anglican Church in the hour of death and the day of judgment? Well done, you sorted out the property disputes over gays in Virginia but, oops, bad news, you destroyed my world! It's time to get real and get out there.”
Preach it, brother.

And if I may, please give me a pat on the back for not using a single speck of innuendo in the title of this post.


  1. Not even a speck? That'll be my dirty mind then. Which reminds me, I must come and fiddle with your spout again sometime soon.

  2. Well, indeed, no point in letting it gather dust. Looking forward to the longer version with a bend in it.


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