Saturday, November 24, 2007

Games children play

And so the Christmas shopping begins in earnest.

One item being looked for was a Barbie Horse, i.e. a Horse that goes with a Barbie rather than a painfully anorexic horse with a fixed grin. This was the stated proxy choice for 2.75-year-old niece, who being 2.75 can't really vocalise her own choices well. Quite a why a woman whose legs don't bend wants a horse is beyond me, but then I'm a guy.

Action Man may have been seriously deficient in other boyish areas, but at least he could sit astride something.

Woolworths has such a horse, with - get this - an additional head so you can change horse styles.

Or, one head too many.

Briefly entertain the idea of introducing 2.75-year-old niece to Godfather Barbie ...

Maybe next year.

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