Monday, May 07, 2007

People of Britain, be scared

The Boy has had his first driving lesson.

The vehicle in question was my brother in law's fully automatic gas guzzling Landrover, the terrain was up and down the dirt tracks of Salisbury Plain. Therefore the experience has not been completely representative of the reality that awaits him when he gets real driving lessons in a real car in 2.5 years time. Even so, a big black Landrover with tinted windows coming down a narrow track towards you can look quite ominous, and it's even more so when you know there's a 14 year old behind the wheel.

I can't say how well he did, because at the time I was busy helping my sister help my nephew to find wolves and treasure in some nearby woods. But morale is high, for everyone including the wolves as they went undetected. We did find some treasure but put it back for other people to find after.

Afterwards he was allowed to try his luck on the manual transmission Vectra, and got about 20 yards before giving up. But it was time for lunch so maybe next time ...


  1. the photo itself is quite scary.
    i didn't really need to read the actual post!

  2. It's the eyes that instill real terror.

    I will be praying into the situation.


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