Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A stop-gap post

Well, the adventures of the last few days and the answers to the previous post will be, um, posted when I've had time to catch breath. Congratulations to all three entrants, all of whose answers were by and large correct, and especially to Mr Toon who won.

But I must say to Sarah - Gareth Gates? Gareth freakin' Gates?? Leave the room.

John, in answer to your question "where would you stand on songs that start with samples? Something like, say, Kate Bush's frankly magnificent "Hounds of Love" ("It's in the trees! It's coming!")", no. 29 should provide an answer.

At university (Warwick), the air conditioning on the top of the engineering block emitted a hum at exactly the same note and pitch as the synthesiser at the start of Ms Bush's "Running up that hill". I always expected the drums to come in whenever I walked past.

You may now google.


  1. "No. 29 should provide an answer" - it might, if I knew the song in question. Bah...

  2. hehe i hang my head in shame but i'm not old enough to remember the song first time round...i'm only little :)


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