Monday, April 16, 2007

The boys (and girl) done good

Three hearty cheers to Warwick for winning this year's University Challenge. This graduate and quiz buff is proud of you. Though in my day I can pretty well guarantee you'd not have got one of us kissing Ann Widdecombe.

In fact it's quite bizarre even by contemporary standards.


  1. Kissing Ann Widdecombe? Blimey, in the old days the students just had to answer some questions. Sounds more like "I'm A Student Boffin, Get Me Out Of Here".

    Incidentally, my brain has also soiled the inside of my skull thanks to the mental image.

  2. To be fair, she seemed a little taken aback too and it was only one of the team. The others were content to shake hands, which is more traditional and less brain soiling. But, talk about tiebreakers ...


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