Friday, June 23, 2006

Sorting my life out

Ever since February, when the Magician Electrician rudely demanded access to the floorboards beneath where my books were stored - and then to the floorboards beneath the place to which I had thoughtfully moved them in advance - my book collection has been shunted from pillar to post around the flat. Recently it suffered the final indignity of having about 300 titles weeded out of it as I face up to the realisation there's not enough room for them plus three humans here.

This is what's left ... of the science fiction. Sorted, as you can see, on the Boy's bedroom floor into alphabetical order by author. Now to be sorted into alphabetical order within author name and put on their new, final home - the shelves that went up in the living room last week.

Then the remaining books - about the same number again - are to be sorted into fiction, non-fiction, reference, comic, religion etc and have the same treatment. All ultimately to be blended with Best Beloved's own collection, of course.

Obsessive? Me?

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