Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pizza Stopping Service

Just tried to book a table at Pizza Express.

"Yeah, if I can make the pen work ... Hang on ..." [Muffled, to someone else at other end.] "I can't make this work ..." [Back to me] "Can you call back? I don't have a pen that works."

NOT hugely impressed.


  1. "Howsabout YOU write down what table you want, while in conversation with me, with your charity pens that work and drop it around later?"

    Who knows? This could have been on the tip of their tongue.

    Equally unimpressive, though.

  2. Now there's a thought. I may take a handful along on Saturday as a gesture.

    What cracked me up wasn't the having a pen that doesn't work, but *asking a colleague for help*. Clearly a very rare situation in this individual's life.


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