Monday, June 05, 2006

A fitting end

I'm working from home, it's my lunchbreak and I can't get into the kitchen, which is very frustrating.

But I don't mind because - freude schöner götterfunken and let fireworks soar majestically into the sky - the vinyl fitters are here. Fitting, appropriately enough, vinyl. And not just to the kitchen floor but to the living room and bathroom too. Having been stood up without even an apology from not one but two vinyl fitters already (all from the list of recommended bods supplied by Mays World of Carpets) it's worth celebrating.

The first guy on the list, who fitted the bedroom carpet, was a star and we would gladly use him again - except that he doesn't do vinyl. Completely different skillset, apparently. So we worked our way down the list, ploughing bravely through the ones who don't answer, or respond to voicemails, or (q.v.) show up ... and finally we seem to have arrived.

And I get to sit at my computer on a glorious day in shorts and t-shirt, which I don't really feel comfortable with at work. So everyone's a winner, except that I go hungry until they're finished in there. Or pop out to McD's. I think I'll go hungry until they're finished in there.

Names and contact details of the ones who showed up will gladly be shared with anyone who asks; likewise details of those who didn't. It's usually nice to think that you can just vote with your feet and not use the services of someone who lets you down ... except that they presumably have so much work on they won't even notice. Which is nice for them.

So, again, everyone a winner, and I'm slightly hungrier than when I started.

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