Thursday, March 27, 2008

Strung out in Heaven's high

I only watched Ashes to Ashes out of a sense of duty, really. It had some nice moments but came across as just too conveniently contrived: Gene moved to London, maybe, but Chris + Ray too? And, oh! Look! An 80s icon being unexpectedly encountered. Time after time.

But what an ending! Hilariously funny in places. A twist I really didn't see coming. And Gene, having been crucified by Lord Scarman, still manages to justify his entire existence with a snappy little sentence and the closing song* could not have been more appropriate as Alex realises she isn't just going to snap back to the future.

Still don't know if I'll watch the second series, though.

[* "Take the long way home" by Supertramp, of course.]

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