Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Soldiers of Christ, just shut up

Yea verily I say unto you, just as thou art feeling all smug and holy and secure in your faith, along comes a telling reason why not everyone sees things as you do. I mean, as thou dost. And all you can do is agree, and cringe.

Like the ongoing narration of events in Glastonbury by a friend who is a lovely person, an excellent author, a pagan and the proprietor of a witchcraft shop that opened earlier this year. (As opening day approached, I asked her when it was, purely so I could boycott it as a good evangelical; her reply was along the lines of, yes, please do boycott it, we need the publicity, we're doing very badly on that front, our local vicar has joined our druidic order.)

Anyhoo, there is apparently some kind of Christian rally going on in town. Spin-off incidents she has reported so far include:
  • the man who entered another witchcraft shop, addressed the proprietor as 'witch-whore', produced a cigarette lighter and remarked that he was looking for some witches to burn
  • the rioter who remarked as he was being arrested, 'I've come 150 miles to undertake some ethnic cleansing'
  • a group of marchers blockading the local bakers to stop people buying sandwiches which are allegedly made by Satanists (somehow missing the point that a pagan can't be a Satanist because they don't believe in him)
Guys, we have a problem. Which, of course, the Boss knew about a long time ago.

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