Friday, October 06, 2006

Limbo dance

I was interested to hear that a group of theologians are meeting in Rome to discuss the matter of Limbo, and are widely tipped to be advising Palpatine the Pope that it should be dropped as a concept.

One major non-Biblical stumbling block removed, how many more to go ...
  • women priests
  • contraception
  • married clergy
  • Purgatory
  • the whole Hail Mary thing
At the rate of one every 2000 thousand years, this means that by the year 12,000 AD they'll have it sorted.

Actually that's unkind because the last 2000 years also saw - admittedly at the later end - Vatican 2, where amongst other things Latin was dropped as the sole language of churchgoing and the Pope admitted that actually other denominations were at least worth talking to. So, that's three points every two thousand years, giving us a worldwide church of unity by 6000 AD, tops.

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