Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Comment spam

"I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post."
I shouldn't let it get to me but still I do. Comment spam. WHY??

Courtesy of "Oxygen Plant", the above little gem popped up suddenly in the comments on my recent Wytham Woods post, at the end of a brief exchange on the virtues of the late Robert Holdstock. It's not hard to spot the slightly bogus aura of the safely neutral praise, even for a conversation not about Robert Holdstock. And sure enough a quick Google search on the exact text produces a lot of results.

I have no intention of revealing where Oxygen Plant comes from - you can do your own Googling, if you like - but suffice it to say it really is from an oxygen plant: in fact, according to its site, "a Family owned professionally managed company incorporated in 1963 for manufacturing industrial gases."

So I say again, WHY??

Their chairman "is considered as the pioneer and founder of air separation plant manufacturing in India. All other Companies manufacturing similar products like oxygen plant are using Designs & Technology Pioneered by him."

But despite his obvious business and scientific acuity, he thinks the best way of drumming up business is to spam as many blogs as he can? Does anyone really think, well, I was going to hold fire on ordering that oxygen plant but now, goodness gracious me, I do believe I'll splash out?



  1. Anonymous2:45 pm


    I am enjoying you writing much and would like to make contact with you sooner. My very very poor family have much respekt for you as great man.

    This is for why I ask you help. We have inheritted $40,000 for rich uncle but cannot access fund without your bank account number, sort code, National Insurance Number, Date of conception and Wife. Please send all this immediatly.

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  2. David in New Zealand10:20 pm

    I stumbled on your page when “researching” the “ancient religions” Jenna referred to – and what do you know – I found the exact same email to yourself!
    Obviously, I am not all that special! 
    So I thought you might be amused by my response – only done after ignoring the first dozen BS emails from this con-woman

    Dave Shannon
    (in New Zealand)

    From: David Shannon
    Sent: Thursday, 10 June 2010 10:02 a.m.
    To: ''
    Subject: FW: I have discovered something about you David...

    Jenna - OK – I give up! So, now I respond to ask you to leave me alone! I have not responded to any of your emails in the hope you would simply “go away.” The initial contact was a mistake which I cancelled before actually indicating any interest in your hocus-pocus, but you managed to get my email and have sent me the same malarkey – word for word - you have sent so many others – as is evident from the web. Aside from the sheer inanity of all you say, just why would I even consider taking advice from someone who can’t get basic facts straight and is practically functionally illiterate in English? Witness these extracts from your latest ramblings – and I note only the most egregious errors:

    I've actually got [have got?] something a little unusual to tell you about and I am sure that you will find what I have to say very interesting indeed. What I came accross [across] first started out [as opposed to last started out?] as a rather strange coincidence. I was working a reading for another person which [whom] I am helping at the moment and I suddenly started thinking about you very strongly and I wondered why. I then became very excited as I noticed that this person shared certain startling similarities with you David. This person was also female, [interesting – also female? – when I am clearly male. Your computer-generated response software is pretty sloppy here. David is a common male name – derived from the Hebrew (Dah-veed) and the Arabic (Dah-oud). There is no feminine variation of David] born Capricorn and was around about [around about?] the same age as you. The similarity between your personalities was the most striking however as this person also had huge untouched sources of inner potential which were completely unused and was also struggling with a number of obstacles which prevented certain important opportunities to be [from being] fully exploited. In fact now [that] I think about it, this person was born on the same day as you the 31 December but just a year before on the 31 December 1945.
    (bunkum on ‘astral twins’ deleted)

    In fact this person who came to consult me just a few days ago asked me to study their [her] Karma and to help them [her] regress into their [her] Past Lives. This may seem unusual to you but I was asked for help as this person often had the bizarre impression to already know [of already knowing] a place when it was in fact completely new to them [her] or to seem [seeming to] know someone when meeting them [that person] only for the first time.

    There are significant coincidences which exist between this person and yourself and I quickly came to realize that although you two were not at all astral twins it was also vital [vital to whom?] to produce the same kind of reading for you. I then began working on this regression for you David. [I note that you actually began this “regression” at this point] I wanted to help you and satisfy my own curiosity about the great destiny I began to suspect that you had in store for you. I made a startling discovery....

  3. David in New Zealand10:21 pm

    It is clear to me that you have been living through the same series of problems throughout all of your past lives. This is in fact damaging to you as it stops you from liberating yourself completely from a few of the problems which have been haunting you for some time now in this lifetime and which you really want to get rid of [not that I know of]. I had to write to you straight away as you have already told me that you want to get out of this vicious circle. [I have? I don’t recall ever communicating with you] I know that you have lived through some fairly traumatic events in a number of your Past Lives and that you now have a difficulty bringing out all of your talents. These difficulties are indirectly linked to certain events in your past (events which took place hundreds of years ago) and their roots are deeply set in your unconsciousness [you mean my sub-conscience?] . I have come to realize today is that it is possible to free you from these constraints and to liberate you from this past trauma and to help you lead the life you truly deserve to live. You will finally be able to be serene and in harmony with yourself.

    I also know that for you to accomplish this David it is important to come to terms with the concept of past lives so let me now tell you just a few things before going on to explain how you can use this technique to liberate yourself from the problems which have been ruining your life [ruining my life? When the most common phrase applied to my life is “he fell of the cake and into the icing! ?] for such a long time now.

    Far too often we blindly believe in what we have been taught without using our own faculties to examine the world around us and to come to our own conclusions. The concept[s] of reincarnation and of Karma has [have] existed since the dawn of time and it forms [form] the foundation of a number of the great religions of the East: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism. Japanese esoteric Dadaism [?? What does an early 20th century European and North American art movement have to do with this? Even Japanese Dadaism was an art movement, not a religion], Tibetan traditions and other disciplines of South-East Asia also make use of these ideas. In ancient Greece, the main scientific and philosophical schools accepted the principal of past lives, notably the Pythagoreans, [No, the Pythagoreans believed everything was a living whole of inter-connected parts separated by "void" between them – no concept of past lives at all.] Aristotelians and the Platonists. Ancient jewish groups such as the Hessians, [you mean the German mercenary soldiers of the 18th century? Or the Jews who lived in Hesse in the 16th to 20th centuries – hardly “ancient”] the Pharsians [corruption of Farsians – the Farsi speaking Persian Zoroastrians already mentioned above – not Jews] and the Caraites include the notion of past lives in their teachings and these branches of jewish faith form the basis of modern day Christianity. [No, these were dissenting sects that died out and formed no part of modern Christianity.] The Gnostics, the Kabbalistes, Amerindians, pre-columbine [you mean pre-Columbian, perchance or are you referring to beliefs before the Colorado school massacre?] cultures, Polynesian Shamans, Celtic Druids and the wise men of African, Peruvian, Columbian and Brazilian cultures [so the other cultures did not have wise men?] also share this faith as do many modern schools of thought such as the Theosophies [this is merely a broad reference to religious writings of any school of thought – whether or not they share any beliefs] and the Anthroposohes [and this last one you must have just made up as there is no reference to it anywhere other than those taking the piss out of your own babblings.].

  4. David in New Zealand10:22 pm

    (dissolving nodes nonsense deleted) However it must be said that through the work of quantum physics a certain notion of reincarnation has been re-introduced over the past few years. [Quantum physics is about what is experientially observable and provable and has no stance on re-incarnation at all. The reference is absurd] Today many experiments have sought to prove re-incarnation and these experiments have been greatly supported by the reports of spontaneous past life regressions which have occurred to people in various states of altered consciousness. [and they have uniformly failed to prove anything of the sort]
    (tale of 12 year old boy and violin deleted)

    But lets [let’s] get back to you David, after this brief technical digression. As I have already told you it would be good to work on your past lives. A regression would be very revealing. I don't want to begin this regression without your full consent but I must admit that I have already start [started?] to look a little bit further and I can tell you now that I have come across a great deal of information which will be extremely useful for understanding exactly what kind of person you are today. I have also come to realize that a complete past life regression will allow you to come to terms with the concern which you have at this time. [What concern? From being chosen “most likely to succeed” in my High School Class to achieving that status economically, socially, academically, experientially and philosophically, I have no such ‘concern.’] This regression will help you to avoid re-living certain of the trauma you have experienced in the past [trauma? The biggest trauma I can recall recently was being made redundant from a job but which gave me a departure payout of a half million dollars!] and which stem from an unresolved interior conflict which began in one of your past lives.
    (promotional baloney on regression deleted)

    I will not, as I have just said, begin this past life regression without your permission [But you said above that you have already begun it! – so what are you? - a liar or merely a betrayer of trust?] as there is, I must admit, a very heavy workload. I just need your consent and I will then start dealing with the rest. I will work on your regression and I will send you the results of this work in a full personal reading. You can request your past life regression on the following page:
    [And it will cost me how much??? – You forgot to include the punch line!]

  5. 1010111011101010110101 Beep!8:23 am

    So how did Mr. Oxygen plant get past the "Type nine randon characters in a wibbly wobbly pattern" that is meant to sort the people from the 'puters.
    Some dastardly work is afoot, my dear Watson. Get my deerstalker, my magnifying glass, some cocaine and a jar of lemon curd!

    - You see a computer wouldn't get that joke. -I must be a real person. -And so is my wife!


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