Thursday, September 10, 2009

Whee! I mean, oops

Honestly , it could happen to anyone. I mean, I bet it's happened to you, too. You know how it is. You're sitting in a Victor bomber, which is one of the most Derek Meddings-esque aircraft ever to have actually existed but which isn't actually, you know, at this present moment in time, um, officially air-worthy ... And neither you nor your co-pilot or indeed the plane are licensed to fly ... But anyway, you're sitting in it and you're doing a 100 knot run down the runway to give the spectators a thrill and you really mean to slow down but your co-pilot freezes and doesn't throttle back in time and you keep accelerating and ... well, what would any plane do in those circumstances?

Take off, that's what.

Accident, my afterburners.

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